Sicha + Napa, mates rates, m8sr8s are in liquidation. Datawest makes the transition easy

Are you a client of Sicha + Napa Mates Rates m8sr8s of  G. Investments Pty Ltd, ACN: 089 938 901 of Hay Street, Subiaco?

Sicha + Napa went into liquidation on 22 May 2017 and as such have ceased trading.

If you are looking for payment of debts or services owed to you, please contact Cor Cordis on +61 8 6220 3500 or www.corcordis.com.au

Datawest have already converted Sicha + Napa customers to our platform. Datawest have applied competitive support packages to affected customers which includes a reduced support rate and zero fees involved in the on boarding process.

Datawest have provided affected clients with comprehensive infrastructure audits at no charge.

Datawest has significantly reduced our standard hourly rates for both casual and block hour customers. Contact us for information regarding our on-boarding process

Datawest Group Pty Ltd has no affiliation to Sicha + Napa or M8sR8s

Website hosting or Email issues:

We have helped several Sicha + Napa clients who have maintenance or billing issues regarding their website or e-mail hosting.

Datawest are actively engaged with Host Away to migrate affected customers to our platform

Apple repairs for devices still under warranty:

Apple equipment purchased from Sicha+Napa/M8R8s including iPhone, iPad, iMac, Macbook, Macbook Pro, Macbook Air under 24 months old can be resolved by contacting Apple directly

Apple repair issues for Apple Mac Computers outside of warranty:

Apple repairs on equipment over 2 years old are out-of-warranty and will have to be paid for.

Datawest have in house Apple Certified Technicians who can investigate and resolve any issues you may have.

Apple repairs outside of warranty:

Repairs to Apple iPhones and iPads outside of warranty should be referred to your nearest Apple Store.

Would you like to upgrade your existing Apple equipment:

Datawest have a team of in house, Apple Certified Technicians with 100 years combined experience.