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Managing the day-to-day IT operations of a business of any size can challenge staff and current skill set despite your IT team’s best efforts.

Do you have the resources to select, architect and implement the underlying infrastructure, speed, security and reliability needed to accelerate business growth? CIO’s, CEO’s and CFO’s are turning to outsourced infrastructure solutions to leverage expertise and gain time and cost savings.

Outsourcing your IT with Datawest provides you with access to greater expertise without the hassle of additional management or new hiring additional staff.

Pragmatic and cost-effective outsourcing with Datawest optimizes your system’s performance so your business does not suffer from a lack of IT manpower, skill sets or experience while providing the flexibility to scale as your business demands.

Datawest can host and manage your IT infrastructure or components of it whether PC or Mac. You decide based on your needs or comfort level.

Datawest provides the supplemental IT support you need to get the job done. We can open doors to emerging technologies. Expand internal expertise. Fill gaps in staffing. We are your go-to tech team that helps your IT team be more successful.

If your business is ready to advance to the next level, take a step in the right direction – Outsource your IT management with Datawest.

Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) are the activities that are performed by an organization to design, plan, deliver, operate and control information technology (IT) services offered to customers

IT service management is characterized by adopting a process approach towards management, focusing on customer needs and IT services for customers rather than IT systems, and stressing continual improvement.


Ultimately, as IT Services Managers we know that we can turn your technology assets into a strategic competitive advantage and help you reduce costs. 

Datawest promises to deliver a seamless, high quality and proactive service on which you can rely to focus on what really matters: your job. 

The “cloud” is one of the biggest phrases in telecommunications, yet many businesses are not using the cloud. In fact, some users still find the cloud to be a daunting thing. But this is because they don’t know how the cloud can greatly benefit their business. One of the big things a business can do to help boost their efficiency and speed is to invest in cloud storage.


We listen and understand your reality, and we offer the technological solutions that will truly work best. 


After a careful assessment, we deliver a tailored recommendation that aligns with your business goals. 


Once the collaboration scheme has been defined, Datawest will implement ensuring minimal disruption to current business operation.


Silent, reliable, and proactive service delivery.We ensure efficiency and assistance whenever needed.


Monthly or quarterly meetings and infrastructure reports to ensure continuous alignment to your organisation’s expectations.

As your local IT Service Management partners we offer 24/7 availability, competitive affordability and alignment to your organisations needs. 

We are your go-to tech team that helps your IT team be more successful. 

We operate 24/7 a reliable Network Operation Center (NOC) located in Perth with Help Desks located in Perth and Brisbane. This guarantees your call is always answered in Australia with immediate assistance from our dedicated NOC engineers with industry leading qualifications which allows us to act and react without you even noticing. 

The first consultation is on us. We want to get together and understand your business needs. Call us now to book a complimentary and obligation free IT Consultation 1300 484 138.

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