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Working of the IoT app: Understand the hidden brain of the e-scooter hardware – the IoT controller, and how it communicates with the e-scooter app

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Working of the e-scooter app
How does an IoT controller share data with an e-scooter app over the internet? 

The working of the e-scooter app is dumbfounding for many people. But you as the entrepreneur must figure out the nuts and bolts of the e-scooter app, e-scooter hardware, and its IoT technology, at least when this knowledge has an exceptional ability to save your bucks and time!

Being the top e-scooter app development company, today, we will put forth the blog containing the working of the e-scooter app, how it communicates with e-scooter hardware and types of different e-scooter hardware available in the market. 

The working of the e-scooter app 

An e-scooter mobile app (software) and e-scooter hardware are two major things involved in the e-scooter sharing business. 

Both of these things depend heavily on each other. They communicate with each other and satisfy every request of the users and admin. If any of these experiences the error, requests of admin and users can’t be satisfied. 

The e-scooter app consists of two different parts. One is the frontend and another is the backend. 

The frontend of the e-scooter app offers a way to view and interact with the mobile app. It exhibits all information like GPS coordinates of the e-scooter, battery percentage, speed and direction to the users and admin. 

And the backend of the e-scooter mobile app stores the data and processes the commands, given by users through the frontend.

Frontend and the backend of the e-scooter app are interconnected. However, the backend of the e-scooter app has to establish a connection with the e-scooter hardware in order to fetch the information of the e-scooter and give commands to it.

So, now let’s understand what makes e-scooter hardware smart enough to send information to the e-scooter software, understand the commands given by the e-scooter software and act on it. 

What makes e-scooter hardware smart?  

E-scooter hardware should establish a connection with the backend of the e-scooter app to receive the commands and send information about its current state to the e-scooter app.  

The IoT controller fitted in the e-scooter hardware allows it to establish a connection with the e-scooter app. This controller is constantly communicating with the backend of the e-scooter app and shares the following information. 

  • Location of the e-scooter 
  • Battery percentage 
  • Speed and direction 
  • Alerts 

Not only this, but the IoT controller also receives the commands from the backend of the e-scooter app and the smart mini computer of the IoT controller interprets it. The following are the commands IoT controller of the e-scooter receives. 

  • Lock / unlock 
  • Beep 
  • Set speed 
  • Change settings – to modify the frequency of pings and other settings

Here it is worth mentioning that the backend of the e-scooter app which is already networked with the frontend of the e-scooter app and e-scooter hardware is also well-connected with the admin panel. Meaning, you as the admin can keep an eagle eye on every connected e-scooter, its current state, and user activities. 

Now, if you are wondering how IoT controllers establish the connection with the e-scooter app, let’s discuss it quickly. 

How does an IoT controller establish a connection with an e-scooter app?

Every IoT controller comes with the built-in SIM card which has the cell data capability. Thanks to this SIM, the IoT controller sends and receives messages over the internet. 

E-scooter manufacturers like Segway and Acton sell e-scooter hardware with SIM inside. Whereas, many manufacturers sell e-scooters without SIM. In such a case, you have to purchase your own SIM card. 

Vodafone and Twilio are two good options. These are the popular international carriers with service across the globe. 

 Data consumption:

Data consumption depends on the state of the e-scooter. When the e-scooter is unlocked, it consumes more data as it sends more information to the backend of the e-scooter. 

According to a calculation, you will need 1-20 MB of data each month for each e-scooter which should be less than $5 /vehicle/month. 

Here, we should not neglect the fact that when two devices communicate over the internet, the protocol comes into the picture. And when it comes to IoT projects, MQTT is the most commonly used protocol. 

How does an IoT controller share data with an e-scooter app over the internet? 

MQTT protocol is used to share data between the e-scooter app and e-scooter hardware (IoT controller). It works on a publish-subscribe model. 

Since it works on the publish-subscribe model, it only allows a device to send data to another device if it is a subscriber of that device.

However, two devices do not communicate directly. A central MQTT broker connects with all devices and acts as a post office between all devices. This broker makes sure that every subscribed device gets the correct message from the relevant device only.

How much does it cost to build an e-scooter app and what are the services we provide beyond app development? 

Coruscate has already conquered the micro-mobility app development industry with its 100+ app developers, app designers, IoT experts, business experts, and legal advisers. 

Our app developers, app designers, and IoT engineers actualize one of the best e-scooter apps with all futuristic and disruptive features.

With our additional services, our business experts and legal advisers help micro-mobility startups to make their business journey painless. Our additional services include a market study, e-scooter hardware selection, business plan drafting, business model crafting, and consultation to acquire the permit and satisfy other legal norms. 

The cost to build an e-scooter app depends on the app development approach you choose. 

  • To develop a custom e-scooter app with all custom features, we charge somewhere between $15000 to $25000. 
  • The price to develop the clone version of some popular e-scooter app starts from $10000. 
  • And our subscription plan for the white label e-scooter app starts from just $500. 

To know more about our pricing structures and get the personalized quote, please feel free to contact us. Our one of the senior business experts will welcome you with the free e-scooter app demo and free consultation. 

Bonus Learning: 

You can buy e-scooters which do not come with the built-in IoT controller. Such e-scooters cost really less than the smart e-scooters. But here, you have to buy IoT controllers and install them separately on each e-scooter. However, this is not a recommended practice, considering the compatibility issues. 

Note: We do not make clones of any exact application, clone means to us is how better we can execute your app idea with existing app features and experience.

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